What Are the Best Starlink Accessories To Have Now?

What Are the Best Starlink Accessories To Have Now?

You can find internet connectivity in surprising places these days - with Starlink from SpaceX - or you can cut the cord and stop relying on traditional terrestrial internet service providers. The versatility of Starlink makes it ideal for use at home and off-grid, but you don’t have to limit yourself to what comes in the box. 

You can customise your setup precisely to your liking with the best Starlink accessories available from SpaceTek. 

SpaceTek is not affiliated with SpaceX, but we share a passion for connecting to the internet using the thousands of satellites overhead. We both source and manufacture high-quality accessories to suit many needs. What can you find here?

Mount Your Satellite Dish in the Best Spot Possible

Having a permanent or semi-permanent place to install your Starlink Dishy offers stability, safety for your hardware, and convenience for you as the user. At SpaceTek, we manufacture mounting hardware for all three major versions of the Starlink terminal. Whether you want to mount your dish on the eaves of a home or if you want to mount it to your caravan for internet anywhere, we have solutions that install easily and stand up to tough outdoor conditions.

Power Starlink Almost Anywhere With a Folding Solar Panel

You’ll need a way to power up your terminal if you mount it on a caravan or use Starlink away from home. We stock several suitable power solutions, including a folding solar panel you can use to capture enough power for hours of operating the terminal. A power bank we sell separately can store energy you generate, enabling you to continue using your terminal all night without an electrical interruption.

Have the Right Network Hardware on Hand

Routing your signal to the correct place might require specialised hardware if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi continuously. Maximise your connection speed with Ethernet switches designed to facilitate multi-device connections to the Starlink terminal. Want to install a data port in your caravan or home that you can use to provide plug-in connectivity? We also have the hardware you need for that—simply run your cables.

Stay Connected With Starlink-Compatible VoIP Phones

Want a way to stay reachable even when you might be out of cell tower range? VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has been the gold standard of internet-based phone calling for several decades. We stock cordless handheld phones you can configure to work with your Starlink connection to make phone calls even far off the grid. Stay reachable and capable of connecting with emergency services.

Start Exploring How to Get the Most From Your Starlink Today

Shopping with SpaceTek is hassle-free. Explore our online product pages today and discover the best Starlink accessories to maximise your investment. We look forward to helping you enjoy the convenience of constellation-based internet service with prompt shipping and five-star customer service. Need help finding hardware that fits your version of Starlink? Chat with us today for help.

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