Top Tips for Managing Starlink Dishy in Summer

Top Tips for Managing Starlink Dishy in Summer

Starlink's dishes have been designed to withstand and thrive in temperatures from a chilling -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to a 122°F), which seems to be almost enough for most places that aren't the Arctic circle or, say, Death Valley.

But as we're all aware by now, things are changing, with climate change leading to more extreme temperatures and weather patterns. In most parts of the globe, from one season to the next,  temperatures can be unpredictable, and vary greatly. Our summers have witnessed the worst heat waves in history and it's no longer a surprise that one of the most searched topics during summer is "my Starlink dishy is overheating, what do I do?"

Well, fret no more as this guide will take you through everything you need to know about caring for your Starlink dishy during the scorching summer months. Below are the best practices and tips to ensure your dishy stays in tip-top condition and performs optimally all summer long.

Keep Dishy's Location in Mind

Proper placement of your dishy will go a long way in keeping it cool. During summer, choose a well-ventilated area that is shaded throughout the day and away from direct sunlight. You can adjust the tilt of your dishy accordingly through the app, so you can always have it in the optimal position.

Avoid placing it on hot surfaces

Surfaces, such as a metal roof or concrete pavement can absorb and radiate heat. Placing your dishy on such surfaces will only add to its heat load. It's best to secure a cooler and elevated spot for your dishy to rest on, perhaps on a wooden or plastic box or stand. Our range of Starlink dishy accessories from poles to mounts can also provide a solution to this.

Avoid using covers or enclosures

We've encountered some users using umbrellas to block the sun rays, which although seems to be an ideal solution, is not recommended as it can cause interference and affect your dishy's performance. For instance, if the material of the sunshade reflects or absorbs radio waves, it can interfere with your dishy's signal. You can use the app to detect the obstructions and adjust the angle of your dishy accordingly.

Keep it clean

To ensure maximum efficiency and performance, regularly clean your dishy especially during summer when there is more dust and debris in the air. You'll want to switch off and unplug your dishy before cleaning it with a soft, damp cloth, preferably microfibre. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as this can damage the dishy's surface. Dry it off with a clean towel before plugging it back in.

Monitor for overheating

With the Starlink app, you can easily monitor your dishy's temperature and receive alerts if it gets too hot. If your dishy is constantly overheating, relocate or install additional cooling measures such as a fan or misting system. The dishy will automatically go into thermal shutdown if it reaches the critical temperature of 50°C (122°F), so it's always best to take preventive measures.

What do I do if my dishy overheats?

Your dishy is designed to withstand high temperatures and it's normal for it to go into thermal shutdown once it passes 50°C (122°F). You can cool it down by simply unplugging and moving it to a shaded and cooler spot. If the problem persists, go through the above tips and consider contacting Starlink customer support for further assistance.

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