Adding High-Speed Internet to Your Caravan With Starlink Accessories

Adding High-Speed Internet to Your Caravan With Starlink Accessories

Adventuring off the beaten path in your caravan doesn't have to mean being cut off entirely from the world anymore. With new services and advanced technology, it's now possible to do what once seemed impossible: enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet connection off the road and away from the grid. With the Starlink internet service from SpaceX, you can catch up on emails or even stream your favourite shows from almost anywhere. The right Starlink accessories help make that possible and convenient.

At SpaceTek, we aren't directly affiliated with SpaceX or Starlink. However, we're excited by the opportunities these services provide. With that in mind, we wanted to help others to enjoy their benefits. We've been hard at work designing and creating hardware specifically for caravan mounting. The result: an easy-to-use solution for continuous connectivity.

Let's look at the process for bringing high-speed connections to your caravan campsites, starting with a quick overview of how this service works.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is an internet service provider operated by Elon Musk's company, SpaceX. Starlink consists of a massive "constellation" of satellites in orbit around the earth, with more launching each month. This constellation, unlike traditional satellite internet, provides continuous coverage — and the ability to transmit data at a much higher rate. 

Starlink users have a small terminal connected to an internet mode. This terminal, positioned outside, tracks satellite locations and receives signals from them. The result for connected devices is truly high-speed internet available even in remote locations. Recent upgrades have even enabled staying connected while in transit. These features make it the perfect fit for caravan owners.

Finding a more convenient mounting solution

Your Starlink receiver, affectionately called "Dishy" by the company, needs a good line of sight to the sky to make a robust connection with the constellation. Traditionally, this means getting set up every time you stop or make camp by finding a place to put the receiver and powering everything up. What if you could simply mount your Dishy to your caravan instead and enjoy less downtime?

At SpaceTek, that's precisely what we've created. We've created both adaptors for existing roof mount systems and a custom mounting solution. Built to withstand tough Australian conditions, these machined aluminium parts are lightweight and rust resistant.

Adaptor installation is simple: add it to your existing mast, tighten it, and clip Dishy into place. Likewise, our full mounting kit includes rugged aluminium plates and a durable mast for a strong, sturdy installation. We've created all our products with care to preserve your SpaceX Starlink warranty. Our mounting solutions won't interfere with operation or violate your warranty terms.

Once you've registered your Starlink account and completed the initial setup, all that's left to do is clip your satellite dish into place. Securing high-speed internet for your caravan couldn't be simpler.

Get Started Today

With the simplicity of Starlink self-installation and the easy-to-use mounting kits we create, it takes almost no time to be ready to use the internet virtually anywhere. Find the adaptor or mounting kit perfect for your caravan and get started. Explore our Starlink accessories online now, or find an authorised installer of SpaceTek products in your area.

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