Making the Switch: Key Factors to Consider Before Getting Starlink Satellite Services

Making the Switch: Key Factors to Consider Before Getting Starlink Satellite Services

The ACCC's latest NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report states that there are nearly 9 million NBN users in Australia. But just how many within this sizable user base actually enjoy access to high-speed internet remains a looming question.

In Australia's rural and remote areas, merely 25% of households are equipped with any form of fixed internet service, leaving the remaining 75% dependent on mobile networks, often grappling with limited bandwidth or struggling to acquire any signal at all.

A study by the RMIT University underscores the stark reality that mobile data in rural Australia can be up to 90% slower than urban speeds. Faced with such challenges, people are actively exploring alternative connectivity options, and Starlink satellite services stand out as a compelling choice.

What are the main considerations before signing up?

Solutions like Starlink are proving to be a game-changer, but diving straight into the satellite tech bandwagon without understanding its context and limitations is not the wisest move. You'll want to know more about the service before investing your time and money into it. Knowing what to expect, and how it compares to other internet solutions will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Understand Satellite Internet Basics:

We've been long used to fixed-line internet, which is delivered via copper or fiber optic cables. Satellite technology instead relies on orbiting satellites to transmit data to and from the user's home equipment. As the name suggests, satellite internet requires a dish that receives and transmits signals to the satellite in space.

  1. Consider Your Location:

The two reasons why Starlink services are gaining traction have everything to do with its performance in sparsely populated rural locations and remote outposts. If you happen to live on the fringes of urban development, Starlink services are likely a good fit. Otherwise, if you're already spoiled for choice with decent fixed-line internet, there's actually no need to switch.

  1. Evaluate Cost and Performance:

The setup cost of Starlink services can be steep but it may be worth it for those living in remote areas without any other viable options. If you look at the benefits of having high-speed internet in rural Australia - better access to online education, telehealth services, and improved business opportunities, to name a few – the cost of switching pales in comparison.

  1. Consider Equipment Requirements:

To join Starlink's network as a subscriber, you'll need a satellite dish and a modem. Our company, SpaceTek, can handle the installation for you. We also have the necessary equipment and accessories you'll need to get you started. We'll conduct a site survey to determine the best location and angle for installation and from there, we can get started with the setup.

  1. Be Mindful of Potential Limitations:

Starlink users commonly encounter download speeds ranging from 25 to 220 Mbps, with the majority of users experiencing speeds exceeding 100 Mbps. In terms of upload speeds, the typical range falls between 5 and 20 Mbps. Although compared to traditional  satellite internet, these speeds are impressive, they may still fall short of the high-speed fiber or fixed-line internet options in metropolitan areas due to factors such as line-of-sight obstructions and signal interference.

  1. Learn to Use the App:

Once you're with Starlink, you'll have control and access to your internet connection through the Starlink App. From there, you can view your data usage, check satellite visibility in real-time, and troubleshoot common issues. Changing the angle of your dish may also be necessary to maintain a strong connection as the satellites move in orbit - you can use the app to get an accurate reading of the best angle and it can detect where obstructions may be blocking the signals.

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