Why Choose Spacetek Mounting Kits?

Why Choose Spacetek Mounting Kits?

In our commitment to bridging the gap between technology and seamless integration, we present to you an extensive array of mounting gears tailored to elevate your Starlink experience. We've readily made available options for various types of roofs - tin, tile, ridge cap shingles, and even wall or eave mounts. Each product comes with our custom aluminium base mounting plates, meticulously designed to combat rust and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Tailoring Solutions for the Gen 1 Round Dish:

For tile roof

Designed with precision, these kits eliminate the need for modifications or drilling into the dish leg, ensuring warranty integrity. The consideration of a 50-degree shut-off temperature shields the dish from radiating heat during scorching Australian summers, while the 1.5-metre version allows additional space for diverse applications such as 4G Failover, Local Wi-Fi Links, or terrestrial TV.

For tin roof
Specifically engineered for tin roofs, this Gen 1 mount kit maintains the dish's original design without compromising warranty. The 1.5-metre version provides extra clearance and the versatility to support additional antennas for expanded functionality.

Tailoring Solutions for the Gen 2 Rectangle Dish:

For demountable walls
Our Compatible Starlink Wall Mount is our innovative solution for demountable walls such as Cool Room Panels and Atco-type structures. This mount spreads load and wind forces efficiently to eliminate the need for roof structure modifications. With easy installation and 1-metre length, it offers a 500mm rise, providing optimal support to the Starlink terminal.

For roof eaves

Our Starlink Wall/Eave mount kits present a hassle-free option for installation and removal. Perfect for those on the move, this mount offers easy accessibility without the need to climb onto the roof. With 360mm clearance from the wall and 250mm vertical clearance over the gutter line, this equipment provides a convenient solution for various scenarios, compatible with timber, masonry, or dynabolts.

For ridge cap shingles

This kit allows the Starlink dish to securely clip into the mast without any alterations or drilling, ensuring the preservation of warranty integrity. Adaptable to most standard roof pitches, our ridge cap mounts boast an easy installation process, aligning effortlessly with both sides of roofing iron in under 10 minutes.

It is recommended for use in cooler climates (where peak summer temperatures remain below 40 degrees) to mitigate the potential for thermal protective shutdown of the Starlink Terminal. For residents and businesses in regions with higher summer temperatures, we recommend using our 1 or 1.5-meter roof mount kits instead, as these are engineered to facilitate optimal airflow and provide clearance from radiant heat. 

For tile roofs

Crafted for a seamless and secure fit, the kit allows the Starlink Dish to snugly clip into the mast without any modifications or drilling, preserving warranty integrity. Deliberate design considerations include the integration of a 50-degree shut-off temperature, guarding the dish against radiant heat during scorching Australian summers, while maximising overall airflow.

The 1.5-meter version of the Starlink mount goes beyond the ordinary, providing additional clearance for potential obstructions. This also creates space under the dish for the mounting of a second antenna for versatile applications such as 4G Failover, Local Wi-Fi Links, or terrestrial TV.

For tin roofs

For tin roofs, we present a range of sizes in our Starlink Roof Mount Kit – 1 metre, 1.5 metres, and 2 metres. Streamlining the installation process, these mounts are tailored for quick and easy setup, avoiding any potential thermal protective shutdown issues that may arise with the Ridge Cap Mount in high-temperature areas.

Specifically designed for tin roofs, including corrugated iron, our Starlink mount kits maintain the dish's original design without the need for modifications or drilling, ensuring warranty integrity. Consideration for the 50-degree shut-off temperature, especially crucial during Australian summers, is integrated into the design to maximise airflow and mitigate radiating heat. The 1.5-meter version of the mount adds versatility, offering extra clearance for potential obstructions and space for a second antenna for enhanced connectivity options.

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