A Comprehensive Starlink Accessories Shop

A Comprehensive Starlink Accessories Shop

The brainchild of Elon Musk, Starlink, has started a satellite internet revolution using mobile internet dishes. The internet has transformed the world and helped us communicate faster and more efficiently. Still, your traditional internet sources can’t provide proper connectivity when you’re out of range. Why not browse the Starlink accessories shop when you need additional elements to support the system? 

You'll find it in our online store if you require mounting, cabling, adaptors or VOIP phones. Even though you may have purchased the starter kit from Starlink, you’ll eventually find out that you need other accessories to get the most out of the system. Ideally, you should mount the dish on your home’s roof to receive and send signals to and from the satellite above the earth’s atmosphere. 

What to do with obstructions

Your first step is finding an unobstructed path for the dish to send and receive signals. You may have to use the camera on your smartphone to scan the sky and identify any possible obstructions. During this process, you may find out that you need to elevate the dish for a better signal. Don't worry, though - check out our various roof mounts. 

The roof mounts that you’ll find at SpaceTek are ideal for your dish and won’t void any warranties. There’s an aluminium base mount perfect for placing on the home’s exterior since it’s highly corrosion-resistant and incredibly lightweight. Australia’s harsh climate may be a concern for the condition of the mounts that come with the original kit, but our solutions can withstand all types of weather. With heavy rains, gale-force winds, and scorching sunshine, these mounts won’t buckle and break down. 

Whatever your roof type, there’s a mounting solution for you. The tile roof mount kit enables the Starlink dish to clip onto the top of the mast. As a result, there’s no need for additional drilling, which could void the warranty. Furthermore, these kits feature a 50-degree shut-off design that ensures it moves away from radiating heat to avoid any damage. The mount is available in 1.5-metre length, assisting you to clear any obstructions. The space beneath the dish is ideal for mounting a second antenna, which you can source from the online store. 

If you have a tin roof, do not worry, as there’s also a roof mount kit for you. Like the tile roof mount, you won’t have to drill any holes in the base to secure the system. 

Our advice is free

When you need to know which mount is best for you, use the Starlink app on the tripod it comes with and place it in the area you think is most suitable. Give the app 12 hours to collect data and decide from there. If there is some obstruction, you need a taller mount; if there are many obstructions, you will require an extension pole. 

Visit our Starlink accessories shop for everything you need to ensure an uninterrupted internet connection, even in the most remote locations. 

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