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Gen 3 Rectangle

Starlink Gen 3 dish boasts a sleeker design, better efficiency, and user-friendly innovation. By ditching the built-in mounting pole for a more compact look, it simplifies installation with a detachable kickstand for manual alignment. Paired with the latest Starlink router, it delivers improved Wi-Fi 6 and strong Ethernet connections, providing reliable, high-speed internet globally, perfect for remote, rural, and mobile users.

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Gen 2 Standard Rectangle Dish

The Generation 2 Starlink Dishy is built in a Rectangle shape and has a sleeker and more compact design than the original Gen 1 round dish. It is made of a matte white material and has a silver border around the edge. There is a white plastic base on the bottom of the dish, which has three legs that allow it to be mounted on a flat surface.

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Gen 1 Round Dish

The Generation 1 Starlink dishy is a white, round, dish-shaped satellite dish with a diameter of about 2 feet. It has a white plastic base and a white metal dish. The dishy also has a white power cord that plugs into an outdoor outlet.

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High Performance Square Dish

The main difference between the Business Starlink Dish and the normal Gen 2 dish is that The Business Starlink Dish is slightly larger and heavier than the Gen 2 Dish. In additional to that It is more powerful than the normal Gen 2 dish and can provide speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

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