What Starlink Accessories will you need for your Caravan?

What Starlink Accessories will you need for your Caravan?

Have you purchased a new Starlink RV or Starlink Portable and wondering what else you will need to get your system up and running? At SpaceTek’s Starlink accessories shop, you will find everything you need to finish the installation and maximise the performance of your Starlink (Gen 1 & Gen 2). We have a large range of mounts, adapters & accessories that will allow you to take your Starlink Dish on the road and have super fast, un-metered internet wherever you go.

If you’re new to the Starlink setup and wondering what accessories you might need to enhance your new dish’s connection - SpaceTek can help with the following: 

Starlink Roof Mount (Gen 1 & Gen 2 options available) 

While Starlink comes with self-installer kits which are easy to install, they often do not allow for perfect placement on your caravan or RV to get the best connection. At SpaceTek's Starlink Shop, you can order additional mounts to attach your Stralink broadband equipment and maximise performance. 

Our custom machined Starlink Roof Mount won't void your warranty and will protect your investment from the elements and allow you to get an even better connection. SpaceTek fabricates custom aluminium base mounting plates that are lightweight and won't rust. 

Starlink Accessories & Adapters

Spacetek’s range of accessories & adapters include: 

  • Power supplies 
  • Mast Adapters
  • Starlink compatible Wi-Fi Routers & Modems 
  • Mounting Brackets 
  • Data Sockets
  • High-Wind Stay Bar supports 
  • And more! 

SpaceTek’s Starlink accessory solutions can handle different temperatures and weather conditions to help your Starlink Dish from thermal shutdown on hot days. Whether it is hot, pouring raining, or gale-force winds, our Starlink accessories can resist any condition.

Get everything you need for your Starlink at SpaceTek’s accessory shop

If you have purchased a Starlink Portable or Starlink RV to access super fast, un-metered internet on the road wherever you go, SpaceTek’s Starlink accessory shop is the best place to find all the mounts, accessories & adapters to maximse the potential of your dish. 

Want to best protect your Starlink investment and maximise performance? Shop online at our Starlink Accessories shop & get connected on the road. 

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