Starlink Generations and Accessories

Starlink Generations and Accessories

Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX recently created and launched the Starlink satellite internet system. One of its cornerstone values is making the Internet available for people with minimal access to fibre and other regular connections. If you live in rural areas or require internet connectivity while out on the ocean, the Starlink satellite system is perfect. 

When anything technologically driven succeeds, you can bet that there will be new versions that improve the user experience. Starlink refers to these versions as generations, and to date, there are two generations to select from. The company has enjoyed relative success since launching this system, as many people worldwide have embraced it for internet access. 

Differences Between Generation One and Two

The first edition of Starlink satellite internet was excellent, and people received it well. However, the company produced a new version to help them increase profit margins since the manufacturing process was far less than the original system. 

One of the first things you’d notice about Gen2 is that it’s lighter and smaller than the first. The first generation ‘Dishy’ weighs 7.3 kilograms, while the new edition comes in at 4.2 kilograms, a massive difference considering portability. 

The shape of both dishes is vastly different, with the first being a little round plate and the second taking on a more rectangular shape. Based on the shape of the dishes, the Gen 2 is much smaller in its dimensions. From our research, there aren't definitive differences between the shape of the dish and its performance. Both units have the same weather rating for operating temperatures.

The Gen2 router comes with several improvements to the first-generation option. One difference that catches the attention is its 3x3 MU-MIMO spec, meaning the router can handle three simultaneous data streams. Consequently, three different users can use the internet without fighting each other for bandwidth. Gen1 has a 2x2 MU-MIMO spec, resulting in only two users comfortably utilising the internet. You'd struggle with connectivity if you were the fifth person using the router. 

There’s also a difference in operating temperature, with the 2nd Gen handling 30-degree-celsius more in the negative direction and 20-degree-celsius in the positive direction, taking it up to 50-degree-celsius. However, the first-generation router has a port for an ethernet cable; Starlink removed it in the new generation. Thankfully, you can access Starlink accessories to purchase an adaptor and connect a network cable. 

It Doesn’t Go on the Roof

The new system’s cabling lets you detach the cable from the dish, making it easier to remove and set up elsewhere. For the dish mount, the new one comes with four legs instead of the previous tripod. However, it’s meant to be on the ground, not the roof. 

If you require more accessories for your Starlink system, you can browse our online store and perfectly set up your satellite internet. 

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