StarPower Instructions

StarPower by SpaceTek is made to power your Starlink Dish via any reliable DC Power Source.

This 12V/24V Version has an Input Voltage Range of 11-36Vdc and gives you a single WAN Output to connect directly to the WAN Input port of you own Router or WiFi/Router. (DO NOT USE THE STARLINK ROUTER WITH THIS POWER SUPPLY)

The 12V/24V Version requires 10A @ 12Vdc to ensure sufficient current is available during start-up. (For 24V Please contact us for further instructions)

StarPower has a peak current of about 110 Watt however after initial boot this drops to 31 Watt average current draw depending on cable length.

When installing consider the maximum ambient temperature as it is not recommended to operate StarPower over 50 degrees.

It is recommended to disable the heater option on your Starlink using the Stralink App on your phone to maximise power efficiency.

It is important that a minimum of 14AWG cable be used to supply power to the DC Jack of your StarPower - Starlink DC Power Supply, this is to ensure that sufficient current is supplied and that there is no voltage drop that may cause the input voltage to fall below the minimum requirement of 12Vdc.

Your StarPower comes with 3 spare internal fuses, 2 X 3amp and 1 X 10amp.

The 3 amp fuse is for the output, if this blows you have likely wired your Starlink cable incorrectly.

The 10 amp fuse is for the input, this should never blow!

From the Data socket a standard patch lead can be used, either a T-568B or T568A terminated cable, there is no need for non standard wiring or cross cables.

StarPower also requires modification to the main Gen 2 Starlink Cable that runs from the Starlink Router to the dish.  How-To Here!

This will need cutting at your preferred length and terminating with a Cat6 plug (Shielded Recommended) with either T-568B or T568A Standard (Recommend B Standard to stay consistent with the Starlink). 

Alternatively you can use our Starlink SPX to RJ45 adapter.